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Welcome to MUNexus, a site collecting information on various text-based roleplay servers throughout the world. These servers use a very old protocol to allow text chatting, and often have special commands associated to make roleplay easier. As a very old hobby, there are many, many different codebases used, and this site lumps them all under the "MU*" heading.

How We Classify Servers

Whenever possible, we use the MUD Server Status Protocol(MSSP) to query servers about their genre and other details. Some servers either do not support MSSP, or their administrators have not filled out these details properly. In these cases, when we have spare moments the staff of MUNexus will attempt to infer the proper values, usually by first checking any web page the server may have, and if that is unclear or nonexistent, logging in as a guest if available to glean more information.

Largest Servers

Name Genre Average Logins Current Logins
Bei Xia (Chinese) Fantasy 670 758
Penultimate Destination Adult 612(591) 673(634)
Tapestries MUCK Adult 497(476) 565(543)
Shangrila Adult 481(471) 527(513)
Aardwolf Fantasy 227 223
Wolfery Social 117 133
Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands Fantasy 104 110
Realms of Despair Fantasy 97 114
Threshold RPG Fantasy 93 97
Heroes Assemble Superhero 96(81) 117(102)
FurryMUCK Social 79(78) 112(112)
Discworld Fantasy 73 69
Awakened Worlds CE Science Fiction 68 77
Alter Aeon Fantasy 59 63
World Tree Mush Multitheme 58(54) 68(55)